The not-for-profit organisation Cap&Couch – Education offers students and school pupils a complete careers guidance service through platform-based workshops supported by the latest technology. At the heart of this process lies an app, which – as the central element of the workshops – provides the young people with support from their first career thoughts through to submitting applications and entering the world of work. We host our workshops in schools and colleges so we can work directly with young people and explain how they can use the internet to search for jobs, how to find a suitable career and what they need to keep in mind during job applications. At this point our careers guidance format “Cap&Couch – Business Backstage”, which is also targeted at the same audience, also comes into play. Yet the videos are only a small part of the greater offering. “Cap&Couch – Education” also works with pupils and students to identify their strengths, ascertain how these can be effectively harnessed, explain how new media can be used in the job application process and how to impress prospective employers.

The goal of “Cap&Couch – Education” is to help young people find their way into a world of work that is right for them. In seminars, workshops and courses at schools and colleges, we provide far more than just pure careers information: we help young people find their place in the jobs market and give them the tools they need to apply successfully for their first job. A win-win situation for all concerned.

  • Pupils/students: Find the right vocation/career, get to know it for yourself, acquire confidence through new skills (media, job application, communication skills)
  • Teachers/lecturers: Get to know more about your pupils/students – more efficient learning, higher satisfaction through attentive pupils/students, careers information on-site means more teaching time
  • Businesses: Receive informed applications from focused candidates, effective contact with potential employees, low staff turnover rates, cost saving in HR and recruiting, content, happy and productive staff -> satisfied customers
  • Society/economy: Lower social security spending, lower youth unemployment, higher levels of contentment among young people, increased levels of satisfaction among employers and businesses

Helping young people find their way into the world of work has a major benefit for society as a whole – a fact of which we are fully aware. We adapt our approach towards the young participants and observe the highest quality standards when devising, planning and carrying out the seminars, courses and workshops in order to meet their needs We know that young people are the future of our society and we help to prepare them for this great responsibility.

“Cap&Couch – Education” targets the very place where pupils and students first have to start planning for their employment future: schools and colleges. We hold seminars over several days that deal directly with careers guidance and how to apply for jobs. Pupils and students first have to know the direction in which they would like their future career to take before they can even start looking for suitable vacancies or educational courses. We work with them to find out their strengths and interests in order to identify the perfect job profiles for those skills. At this point our careers guidance format “Cap&Couch – Business Backstage” also comes into play.

Once this hurdle has been overcome, the next step is to address the job market. We help young people to look for jobs and give them plenty of useful tips so they can do this for themselves. To complete the process we have a raft of creative and innovative ideas for job applications that stand out from the crowd and are not only tuned to the vacancy in question, but also to the skills and strengths of the respective applicant. Our focus here is on new media and demonstrating the wealth of possibilities that this entails for making a lasting impression in the minds of prospective employers. We not only unveil inspiring examples, we also help young applicants to create an application with impact – from an attractive application portfolio through to a self-made application video.

Everyone benefits from our vision, from the applicants who have a greater chance of getting the dream job they’ve always wanted, to the employers who – thanks to high-quality, transparent and professional applications – have the opportunity to select the perfect candidate for their vacancy. Apply and fly not apply and cry, that’s our motto.

“Cap&Couch – Education” is a not-for-profit organisation financed through donations. The money we receive is used to pay for the teaching material and the coaches who go into schools and work directly with pupils. It also funds the use of new media as a learning and career guidance tool in schools and colleges. “Cap&Couch – Education” is a purely charitable operation with no commercial aims. As a charity, “Cap&Couch – Education” is also able to issue donation receipts. Please support the work of “Cap&Couch – Education”.

Testimonials for Cap&Couch-Education

As general manager of the Regent Berlin, it’s not just our apprentices that mean a lot to me. Cap&Couch is a brilliant format for introducing young people to the world of work and giving them a behind-the-scenes look at different areas. With “Business Backstage”, all the information is available straight from the source. A super project that we support unreservedly.
Stefan Athmann, General Manager, Regent Berlin
Cap&Couch – Education – exactly what the directionless youth of today need to help them find their place in the world.
Katrin Pötzsch, freelance lecturer, Berlin
We are keen supporters of the innovative Cap&Couch format that helps young people to choose their profession. A real-life look behind the scenes in a wide variety of sectors is simply invaluable to people who are still uncertain which direction to take. We are delighted to be able to support this project!
Jan Deepen, Co-Founder and CCO, SumUp
For me, Cap&Couch is an innovative approach to reflecting how fluid and exciting modern working life is and what challenges each person can set themselves.
To be able to use this medium to explain to young people how careers can develop is an important tool. “Cap&Couch” – you have my support.
Corinna Poeszus, General
Cap&Couch – Education carries on going where similar projects stop. There are many different concepts for providing careers information and advice, yet most consider their work to be done when the pupils know what jobs they can choose from. Cap&Couch on the other hand goes that critical step further and provides something unique from which all stakeholders can benefit for many years to come.
Ralf Köhler, ZUKO